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Skewer Specifications and Use 

     We believe that you will appreciate our skewers' unique qualities, performance, and most importantly value.   Value in the American made raw materials, value in the Michigan craftsmanship, and value in the grilling tradition that can be passed down for generations.

The square shape not only holds food in place while turning the skewers, the flat surfaces allow safer sliding and slicing when cutting the cooked kababs off the skewers.

Skewer Specifications

Total length of skewer: End to end, Original Skewer measures 27.5".  


Maple hardwood handle:  The handle is 5." 

Stainless steel shaft: We use "316" grade  stainless steel, the highest rating for culinary and high heat applications.   The stainless steel shaft measures 3/16" square and is approximately 22.5" in length, Original size.

Using the skewers


Once you've removed the cork, the skewers are ready for some action! 

      The culinary grade stainless steel helps cook  food more efficiently; as the stainless heats up it heats the inside of your skewered food. Additionally, the square shape greatly helps the food stay in place when you rotate the skewers  - no more food slipping around or falling off as in other flimsy round skewers. 

  1.  Firmly grasp the hardwood handle and skewer your food by piercing it with the sharp end and sliding the food toward the wooden handle.  Allow about an inch of the stainless blade in front of the metal ferrel on the handle to be free of food so it can rest on your grill.  Continue skewering until at least 1/2" from the sharp end to allow that end to rest on the edge of your grill, if needed.
  2. ​ To serve up your grilled masterpiece:  Hang onto the hardwood handle and securely rest the blade inside a serving bowl or pot.  With your free hand use a knife to slide the food downward. into a serving bowl or pot. You can even cut  the grilled food right on the blade into smaller bite- sized pieces!
  3. ​  Carefully place the cork on the sharp tip or wrap the skewers in newspapers or an old hand towel to prevent anyone from accidentally being poked.  It can be tempting to just shove the tip into the ground but over time that can dull the piercing sharpness of the tip and make it difficult to skewer food.  If the tip does become dull, resharpen with a sharpening stone or even an emery board.
Cleaning and caring for your skewers

The solid square shape and culinary stainless steel make our skewers easy to clean!  

  1.  Firmly grasp a skewer with and use a steel wool pad with the other hand to wipe the skewers clean,  being extra careful as you approach the extremely sharp point.  

  2. ​Rinse the soap residue and any remaining food from the skewers.

  3. Place the protective cork on the sharp tip. 

  4. Air dry or towel dry your skewers.

  5. Store the skewers securely in the beautiful box they came in, butcher wrap paper, or a towel.  

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