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At American Skewer Company, we like to keep things simple.

Easy as . . . 1 design, 2 sizes, sold in sets of 3!


We are highly confident in  the quality and performance of our original size skewers that have been in our family for over 90 years.  However,  as monster size grills began to appear on backyard decks we knew we had to keep up with the times.   We decided to offer a second and slightly longer size.   Additionally, if you would like us to make a custom length set of skewers we will gladly do that at an additional cost.  (Use the contact page to send us your questions and dimensions.)


What size to order?  


                                      (27.5" total length,  22.5"  blade)                                               (34.0" total length, 29.0"  blade)

                                      1 Set of 3 skewers - $39.00                                                           1 Set of 3 skewers - $49.00


                            If you don't have or use a lid when grilling, then just choose a size that suits your style! 


Measuring is easy!


To determine the size that best fits your grill and your grilling style simply:


      1.  Measure the width of your grill.  

      2.  Measure the length of where the ends of the stainless steel blade only (either 22 1/2" or 29")

           would rest on your grill. (Ideally, you'd like at least 1/2" of the end of the blade to rest on the edge of the grill. 

Note: Take into account if you like to close your grill while cooking.  (If one end of the steel touches the closed lid

and the other end  rests only on the inside of the grate instead of the opposing edge of the grill where the grill would

close, you could have a teeter totter effect, i.e. as the lid lands on the blade portion that is connected to the wood

handle  - the other end with the sharp point could fly upwards.  Therefore, be sure to order the correct size.  Keep in

mind most people don't close the lid when cooking skewered food.





                                                                            Skewers make great gifts!

               Tailgate hosts               Grilling enthusiasts              Dad                 Brothers                    Grandpas                   That "hard to buy for" man in your life

                         Birthdays                     Anniversaries                   Weddings          Showers                   Mom/sisters              Employer//employees        Father's Day                                              


                      Christmas                    Reunion/Picnics                 Hanukah             Coaches                   Teachers                     Friends and neighbors       4th of July                                                                                     


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