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Solid hardwood handles

Grab the maple handle  with a firm grip and show who's boss of the grill!  The finely sanded curves of this hardwood  are designed to fit  comfortably in your hand as if a natural extension of your arm.  Your hands won't get hot either when gripping the wooden part of the  handle! The handle is a full 5" in length, plenty big enough for even the most macho of grillmasters!

It's hip to be square!

Culinary Stainless Steel

Square Shaft

Be the first to have the biggest and  best skewers in the neighborhood! The uniquely solid square shape of our stainless steel blade enables you to simultaneously rotate both the skewer and the food!  You can rotate the kebabs  exactly  ¼ turn at a time or spin a full 360 degrees!  Any way you turn it, the food stays in place allowing for better heat distribution.  No more endless spinning of kebabs on those flimsy, skinny, round wires that are awkward to hold.    

Stainless steel is produced in various grades.  We use the ‘316 grade’, which is the highest rating for culinary and other high heat applications.  Made of 3/16” square, hand-sanded stainless steel in two lengths (including the handle), Original* 27.5" and Super Size* 34", these skewers will take your grilling skills to a new level!  

Our skewers are made in America and unparalleled to any in their class!

Easy to use!

Fits a variety of grills!

The sheer presence of our magnificent skewers will make even the most novice of chefs look like grillmasters!    The  balance, weight, and performance will make you feel confident in your grilling abilities right from your first firm handshake with the ergonomic handle.  And just wait until you rotate your skewers on the grill - the food actually stays in place and rotates with the skewer! 

Solid, sturdy, and sharp, our skewers are capable tools for grilling a variety of meat and vegetable dishes.  Once you've mastered kebabs and veggies, get even more creative!  These skewers have been known to handle everything from lamb and chicken kebabs to shrimp and scallops, and even whole chickens! Try "lacing" two skewers through a rack of ribs for grate-free slow-cooking.​  

Our skewers   fit  a variety of grill sizes and shapes.  So gather up the family, invite friends over, and have some fun creating new memories! We certainly hope you enjoy using them as much as we do.

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