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Please call or email us using the information on the Contact Page.  The size of the handle will remain the same. Please give us the exact length you would like us to custom make the stainless steel blade to fit your grilling specifications.

Custom Length - Addit. $5.00 per set of 3 or 6.

  • Skewer Specifications

    Total length of skewer: End to end, each skewer measures 33.5" in length.

    Maple hardwood handle: The total handle measures 5" length. The solid maple wood portion is inches and the metal ferrell is in length.

    Stainless steel shaft: We use the ‘316 grade’ of stainless steel, the highest rating for culinary and high heat applications. The stainless steel shaft measures 3/16" square and approximately 25 1/2" in length.
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